Sunday, February 10, 2013

Begin Again

I am off to Austria. In 7 days. The process was not easy...
I chose Austria, researched my school, received my passport, submitted my application, met with my art director, paid the ridiculous fee, got a scholarship, registered for classes, paid for housing, bought supplementary insurance (really?), applied for my Visa, flew to LA to get my Visa (PAIN), booked a flight, ordered Hunter Boots, bought luggage...and now I wait. and the waiting is not fun. It is a mixture of fear, nerves, excitement, anticipation, and restlessness. Together, these feelings give me the sense that I have just taken a sip of rotten chocolate milk. Sweet and Sour. No matter how I am feeling, it is a fact that I am departing and leaving all of my comforts and normalcies behind me. I am going on an adventure
and I am ready to begin.


  1. Um I can't put into words how excited I am to follow this blog. Or how jealous I am that you purchased hunter rain boots. I might actually have a piggy bank in my room collecting my change to go toward purchasing hunter rain boots...

    LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL LADY!!! Good luck on your adventure!

  2. Hunters are THE BEST! Thank you and I am so excited!