Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My weekend to Italy and Greece.


How about these amazing pictures? This is how it really looks, with beautiful picturesque canals every street you walk down. I really loved Venice, because even though it is a tourist city, you could walk down any deserted street and it would still be beautiful. It could make you get lost in the city, and we kind of did. We spent the day wondering around enjoying the beautiful day, we ate pizza and pasta and of course treated ourselves to some gelato! We were getting pretty exhausted from the heat and packing around our luggage so we decided to take a seat and some stairs in the shade. We were sitting there for about 5 minutes, when this old Italian lady comes up to us. She starts hastily speaking to us in Italian, being very animated with her hands and voice. We had no idea what was going on! All I could concentrate on was her terrible teeth and wacky facial expressions. Finally I said 'Sorry, we only speak English.' Bad idea. She went crazy and started yelling at us. She then proceeded to grab my arm and yank me up into a standing position. She was so strong! We were terrified, and after she finally walked away couldn't stop laughing! It was definitely an experience to remember! Besides the 'crazy lady' we had such a great time, buying souvenirs and taking pictures with the men in stripes, it was a great day.  


What a wonderful three days I had in Greece. It is truly my favorite place I have been to so far. The atmosphere, people, beaches, food, everything was just perfect. It was a very laid back and relaxed atmosphere and all the people were so kind and welcoming. Our first day there we walked to the store to get some breakfast to discover that diet coke was only 80 cents! OH MY. I was in heaven of course. We then proceeded to walk about 3 miles to the bus station....our bus took us to the main city, Chaina. It was beautiful there. So many little touristy shops, but also privately owned shops with great little trinkets. We had a great day walking around the city peeking in all the stores and taking lots and lots of pictures! There was a pier at the end of all the shops and the view was unforgettable. The water was just so blue. It was perfect. Our second day there we walked about 3 minutes to the beach and laid there for 5 hours. I started feeling it 5 minutes after we came inside. I was so white before we went, I was bound to get pretty burnt. I loved Greece so much. If I ever have the chance to come back to Europe, Greece will be first on the list-it was a dream.

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