Saturday, May 4, 2013

Welcome to Puch

Well, I thought I should share with everyone where I live, I mean it's too beautiful not to share. The town is called 'Puch'. You pronounce it like Poo-ch (hissing k sound on the 'ch'), when I try to pronounce it, it either sounds like puke or poop-both very appealing names for a town. It is about a 15 minute train ride south of Salzburg. Our campus is located there, along with the dorms. There is a nice little Spar (grocery store) across the street, as well as a train station. It is one of those towns that you just picture being in Europe, colorful little houses, green rolling hills, narrow streets, and of course the Alps just hanging out in the background. The Salzach river runs right behind our campus with trails and wood along side it. The perfect place for a nice run or picnic. I really love living here, not in the city, but not far from it. Right now I am sitting with my door open listening to rain (and trying to not get eaten my mosquitoes). It's quite a dream.

With Love from Austria,

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